hello, i am glad you are alive :)

here is a distraction carrd so if you want, stay a while. all the gifs here are safe. please remember that you are amazing and valid and you deserve love. <3

// possible trigger/content warning — food , self harm , mental health //

here are some ways to distract yourself

♡ binge watch your favorite show
♡ cook (i’ll include some easy recipes)
♡ make a playlist
♡ scream into a pillow
♡ go for a run
♡ reorganize something (for example your room, your kitchen cabinets, etc.)
♡ splatter paint
♡ find someone to play game pigeon with you
♡ watch funny youtube videos
♡ write out the lyrics to your favorite song(s)
♡ make some jewelry to keep your hands busy
♡ practice duolingo
♡ browse through amazon, etsy, ebay, etc
♡ draw on graph paper
♡ remember a happy moment and re-live it in your mind.
♡ sleep
♡ listen to music (i’ll include some song suggestions latter but here is an uplifting playlist on spotify)
♡ buy a plant
♡ eat spicy food
♡ play a musical instrument
♡ paint your nails
♡ learn to swear in another language
♡ play animal crossing
♡ cry (it is okay to cry)
♡ spend time with a pet
♡ write a mean letter to someone (you don’t have to send it but you totally can if you want)
meditate and/or do some breathing exercises (i will include some) here is another, shorter meditation activity that doesn’t need volume
♡ count stuff, it could be lights, people, clouds, anything
♡ draw out some tattoo ideas (either on yourself or on paper)
♡ repeat to yourself: “i don’t deserve to be hurt” “i am loved” “i am worthy” “everything is gonna be okay” “this will pass”

———— specific to help harm ————

♡ snap a rubber band where you want to cut
♡ rip up a piece of paper or cardboard
♡ run ice where you want to cut
♡ splash cold water on your face
♡ take either a really cold bath or a really warm bath
♡ draw or paint lines, shapes, animals etc. where you want to cut
♡ eat ice
♡ put glue on your hands/arms/legs/anywhere, let it dry, and peel it off
♡ put bandages on the area that you want to cut
♡ clap your hands as fast or as loud as possible
♡ pop bubble wrap
♡ rub red food coloring where you want to cut
♡ self harm simulator (it’s a site where you can draw out self harm cuts without actually hurting yourself) here

reasons to live:

♡ having your stomach hurt from laughing
♡ fondue
♡ warm socks
♡ rom coms
♡ you haven’t gotten your dream job yet
♡ singing at the top of your lungs at night
♡ legos
♡ hearing a song you like on the radio
♡ meeting your internet friends in person
♡ hot tubs
♡ skipping class
♡ repainting a room
♡ carpool karaokes
♡ staying up till 5 am texting someone
♡ waiting for your fav to drop a new album
♡ rainbow ice cream (fun fact: that’s the my favorite kind of ice cream)
♡ getting out of class early
♡ flipping off the haters
♡ staying up till midnight on news years eve
♡ sweatpants
♡ netflix
♡ getting married (or going to weddings)
♡ your inside jokes you have with people (or yourself)
♡ your faves tweets/posts/tiktoks
♡ warm cookies straight from the oven
♡ laying in the street during a rainstorm
♡ feeling like a main character (because you are)
♡ getting something crazy from starbucks
♡ apple releasing new emojis
♡ actually finishing a game of monopoly
♡ feeling accomplished after a really long hike
♡ sloths
♡ perfect ocean views
♡ hearing your favorite songs on the radio
♡ being a bridesmaid, groomsman, person of honor
♡ comfy hoodies
♡ super corny puns
♡ candy corn
♡ watching football (even if you have no idea what is going on)
♡ sleepovers
♡ gas station sushi
♡ jumping on those giant trampolines
♡ turning in assignments late for school and not caring (or just not turning them in at all)
♡ solar and lunar eclipses
♡ being awake while everyone else is asleep
♡ brand new shoes
♡ those sweatshirts that have a specific place to put your cat (if you want to buy one you can here
♡ midnight showers
♡ monster energy drinks
♡ someone knitting you a sweater
♡ remembering your first kiss (or having a first kiss)
♡ running around abandoned parking garages
♡ pineapples
♡ eating macdonald’s in an airport at 3 am
♡ fun socks
♡ pigeons
♡ chipotle
♡ random nation holidays here’s a link to a website with a lot of them
♡ going on fancy dinner dates
♡ tiktok
♡ cuffing your jeans
♡ receiving handwritten letters
♡ going on long drives with the windows down
♡ those dogs with blue eyes
♡ making others laugh
♡ target
♡ thrifting and finding something cool
♡ the day after christmas
♡ the dollar store
♡ compliments from strangers
♡ buying a lottery ticket and the chance of winning
♡ finding a four leaf clover
♡ typos
♡ iron-on patches
♡ photo booth photos with your friends
♡ re reading your favorite books
♡ cottagecore stuff
♡ running in the sand
♡ when the sky turns purple during a sunset
♡ the smell of clean laundry
♡ sleeping in
♡ listening to incredibly loud music
♡ blob fish
♡ dr pepper (and if you hate dr pepper, hating on it)
♡ saving someone’s life
♡ when you make a perfect piece of toast
♡ downloading new apps
♡ comfortable silence
♡ pillow forts
♡ camping
♡ leftovers from thanksgiving
♡ vinyl records
♡ wishing for something at exactly 11:11
♡ wholesome memes
♡ graduating
♡ lockets
♡ watching clouds while laying in the grass
♡ finally being able to wack that fly
♡ nutella straight from the jar
♡ sleepovers with your cousins or siblings
♡ salad forks
♡ mechanical pencils
♡ apples new ios update
♡ running into a celebrity on accident
♡ dying your hair crazy colors
♡ apologizes
♡ smiling
♡ being happy after you thought it was impossible

here’s a mental health check point

how are you? how is everything? like actually. have you eaten something today? if not please try to, i know it can be really hard to but please try and my telling you too might now make a difference but i want you to be healthy. also this is your reminder to drink some water. go drink some. if you need to take medication and/or vitamins, please do. i just want to say that everything will get better. sure your life might seem like shit right now but i promise everything will get better. you made it though 100% if your worst days. what you did today is enough. i believe that you can make it through today. you got this, i believe in you :)

here is another check point carrrd if you need it

list of hotlines

these 2 are only for the united states ↓

some other carrds i thought were helpful

reasons to stay
mental health help
another mental health help
mental health resourses
black mental health matters
self care
panic attack help

here is a bunch of easy recipes

guacamole (vegan)
chocolate mug cake (vegan)
chocolate cookies
grilled cheese
halal chicken and rice
sweet chicken (gluten free)

i will try to add some more :)

games and stuff

distraction carrd game
another distraction carrd game
quick draw
♡ webtoon: with his rainbow-colored hair and love of all things fashion, arcus is anything but your average teenager. he’s an upbeat independent thinker, proud fashionista, and like most of us, is just looking for a few friends to call his own and just trying to fit in at high school. link here
♡ another webtoon: charlie, a highly-strung, openly gay over-thinker, and nick, a cheerful, soft-hearted rugby player, meet at a british all-boys grammar school. friendship blooms quickly, but could there be something more...? link here (if the link doesn’t work you can go to webtoon.com and search for “heart stopper”, you don’t need an account to read it)
the happy broadcast

————— music suggestions —————

♡ fine line by harry styles youtube spotify apple music
♡ walls by louis tomlinson youtube spotify apple music
♡ heartbreak weather by niall horan youtube spotify apple music
♡ icarus falls by zayn youtube spotify apple music
♡ lp1 by liam payne youtube spotify apple music
♡ folklore by taylor swift youtube spotify apple music
♡ divide by ed sheeran youtube spotify apple music
♡ calm by five seconds of summer youtube spotify apple music
♡ superbloom by ashton irwin youtube spotify apple music
♡ cuz i love you by lizzo youtube spotify apple music
♡ map of the soul: 7 by bts youtube spotify apple music
♡ confetti by little mix youtube spotify apple music
♡ the album by blackpink youtube spotify apple music
♡ the rabbit hole by ashe youtube spotify apple music
♡ divinely uninspired to a hellish extent by lewis capaldi youtube spotify apple music

here are some breathing exercises